Interactive Agent Execution Environment for Users by Users

1. Supports individual and corporate users

This is an API service that integrates execution environment functions, including support for the development and operation of dialogue agents, with a dialog engine at its core.It also has the security required for enterprise users to develop and operate practical dialog agents, and the scalability to withstand large scale multiple end users. In addition to the creation of scenarios and intention recognition engines, it also provides access to a variety of data and dialog logs.

2. Hybrid type and complex implementation

The hybrid configuration, which consists of both rule-based dialog control and machine learning-based natural language understanding processing, allows implementation of highly transparent dialog scenarios combined with flexible language understanding through machine learning. You can develop a variety of dialog agents for voice assistants in your personal and business life, primary contact center correspondence, automation of corporate and municipal counter operations, and chit-chat dialog.

3. Released to the public OSS.

It enables users to implement and execute dialog agents freely in their desired computing environment, whether in the cloud or on-premises. The agent implemented in the OSS version can also be executed on the COTOBA Agent. Through the dissemination of OSS, we aim to promote a community of dialogue agent development and the formation of an ecosystem of development, operation, and distribution, and to create a world in which companies and individuals can access useful dialog agent services anytime, anywhere.

Note: Part of this technology is based on the results of the research commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for the promotion of research, development and standardization of the most advanced information and communication technology, "Research, Development and Demonstration of Advanced Dialog Agent Technology".

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